Monday, June 1, 2009

selamat pulang...

hey! what a great month for me!!
May dead and gone..
Jun rise and shine!
wake up amer!! u need to set up ur mind for this semester..
i told myself so tht i can easily concerntrate what i'm going to do..
well..bln May byk Bandung & Singapore dgn frens..
having a great holiday! well my parents doing their umrah end of May until
10 of Jun..fuhh..sedih time htr dorg kat airport ari tuh..
tadi gi teman my aunty and uncle htr anak dia masuk study kat IIC Gombak!
so tired..hen blk umh..cadang nk tido tp tak jd..
trus kemas umh skit..
tadi mlm gi main futsal dgn housemate kat Subang!
it was fun after not played for a month! proud of myself..
hee..i score 1 gol atleast!!
esk start my fren ckp jadual klas x siap agi so ape lagi..
x yah pegi la..
hahaha bleh bgn lambat..

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