Friday, October 23, 2009

our 1st screen shot!!

hey..our first ever screen shot!! yeah!..
What is Screen Shot? It is an event project for Film Graphic & 3D subject from student of FSSR Unisel(S.Alam) badge DG03 A & B.They had make a superb work..i would like to congrats all my fren for their amazing work and not to forget our beloved lecturer ever Mr.Izham and also his wife Mrs. Irina for their guide and advice to us..without them we will not able to finish our project. This screen shot is the first ever been done by us and we hope it going to be a semester event..and i personally hope tht our junior will continue this event and make it as big as Tunas Mekar and Zirkon..who knows this Screen Shot also going to be one of the faculty event after this!

We who make it real!!
(there are some more)

Thanks guys & girls..

and not to forget next week Friday (30 Oct 2009) make urself free and come to LT 2 Unisel for our 2nd Screen Shot...for the remainings!!!
hee...see u there!!

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Zamillia said...

seronnye!!!! malangnya ku tiada...misti dtg!!! yeay