Wednesday, April 14, 2010

hey all!!
so sory! lame gak la tak update blog ni,,adoi..sgt2 bz la..well as u know i dah start keje walaupun masih lagi begelar siswa. nak wat mcm ne rezeki tuk bekerja dh dtg kan.x baik tolak. trima je la..and time management sgt penting skrg ni coz i study smbl bekerja. I'm happy with it..btw tggl less than 2 weeks lg tuk i abis study and in May i'm going to concentrate fully to my work! Yeay!! tak sabar nk abis ni..get out from campus life..ehehee..
hurm..well i will update again later...need to run..ade keje nk wat! ehehe..nnt i cite keje i kat entry lain kay..
take care!...

ameer khidzir

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