Thursday, December 4, 2008

"strive to be all you can be"

Life is not all about myself. My life is also for my family, my fren and anyone around me that help me a lot. Without them, life would be nothing. Suddenly I don't have mood to continue my work. Writting is one of my passion, I guess.. Tak tahu la klu bleh buat novel,stupidos!! Rasa nk cry bile teringat kat time2 lepas yg banyak bg experience that I can make as my guide to live this hard life. 19 tahun hidup, every kind of person I met and be fren with me. Thanks a lot!
To know with someone that care me as their own family members really make me happy and appreciated my life more. To be care like that, as there is no one before take care of me like that before, make me feel useful and worth to live in this life.
As I am, a cancer, sensitive, love attention and independent, live is really hard when it come to a time that i need attention from others, there will be nobody around me. At that time, gosh! I feel very lonely, heart feel empty, and that time I will remember all of them that i know and close to me..sometimes crying is the best thing to do! I'm use to live alone before, but when I know someone, I will always keep in touch with them. I'll take care them more than I take care of myself sometimes. Biar I susah and take the responsible as long as my fren happy. I don't want them to feel what I feel about the dark side of this life.
Sometimes I feel, I'm the only one who always have problems and I always ask my self, "why me?" well,actually the problems can make me be more stronger and be ready to face new things!
I'm gonna smile cause i deserve to..
No need to be sad, no need to be tension, just smile and the world will smile at u,
Start being happy, and soon u'll find that the world will laugh with u..

~Live my life how it should be~

best regard


weirdo said...

so honest + sad!


chaz said...

really..i only write what i think and feel...