Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Resign or Redesign..???

hurm,,resign?! yeah thts it RESIGN..i dh buat keputusan and nothing can change it.,last monday i htr surat resign to my boss..telling her that i need to resign to persue my future.She okay with it and ready to let me go. Byk benda bru yg i blaja kat sini(T&P) thx to my boss of coz yg bg i peluang tuk keje and i gain lots of new experience here my colleague thx ye! hahahaha..i need to resign coz i have plan my future and hope i can stick with it walaupun i tau sikit sebanyak i akan kuar track jugak nnt do to what ever my parents want me to do..hope everythings went well!!

redesign! redesign! redesign!..adoii tu je la keje i..mula2 suh design..dh design cantik2(cantek ke?) dia ubah blk..okay la ikut taste dia kan..pastu tiba2 bg blk suh i redesign blk..adoii!! pelik tak? baik bgtau je nk ape sume bg i buat je..x pun nah buat sdr!! ahahaha..well thts my job so wat je la kan..ahahahah sabo2!!! ni la keje i dlm hari2 terakhir keje ni..sedeh la plk ayat kan..ahahaha..well not to worry..x sedeh mane pun! ahahah..

yeay!! excited nk blk kg ni! going to spend my leisure time there as long as i want! yesss..urm sure going to miss KL and all my frens here but my future is way more important than that! blk kg bukan tuk goyang kaki tau! going to run my dad's business there with my cozin! but still rase bole rilex2 coz its not as pack as KL or as busy as here!! ahahah..i'm a kampung boy! thats not going to change! But b4 blk kg kena blk jb dulu jmpe parenst sume..heheee..miss my room there! ahah..

miss this house, byk kenangan! here is where i grew up!
hurm..going to spend the rest of this year here!!! yeay!!!

ameer khidzir


Anonymous said...

ni rumah kt mn ameer?

ameer s.khidzir said...

ni umh kat kemaman la..hee..
ni lah umh yg membesar kan kami! yeay!!