Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Telco & Post @ Solaris Dutamas

hey..so sorry...i was so bz with final..guess what? I'm a graduate!!! yay!!!!!
hurm..so skrg ni i dh keje..agak bz la kan,.still cr masa tuk update blog yg dh start nk bersawang ni...
hahaahahha...owh ye skrg i keje dgn oneRelations SDN BHD..we all do Telco & Post..our shoppe is at Solaris Dutamas..so sape2 yg nk wat courier service ke apply fixed line(phone) and stremyx ke..or nk wat printing ke? just drop by at our shoppe ye..kat SOLARIS DUTAMAS...fyi Telco & Post ni francis so Telco & Post kat tmpt lain tu bkn we all yg punye ye(tmpt lain org lain punye la)..ahahahha..i kat Solaris Dutamas..
well klu segan2 nk dtg kdi just call for futher info +603-62078006 or just go to our blogsite at http://tnpsolaris.blogspot.com/ ..and be our follower..hurm one more u can check us at facebook (group and fan page) just search telco&post shoppe, Solaris Dutamas...hehehehe..fell free to browse it! luv ya!

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