Monday, January 4, 2010

everything is new..

hey blogger!
how are u.sory mcm biasa la tak berkesempatan nk update..
eehehe..well i guess still not too late for me to wish Happy New Year to everyone!! for me..this year everthing is new i guess..hahahaaa
hurm...masuk sem bru.and it is my last sem so need to work more harder than last one...
and also new house! heehee..its better this way so tht i can always put in my mind tht i'm a student!..ehehe...u know what i mean! hurm..and also Happy Buffday to my mum..sory mama coz tak dpt celebrate with u this year,..ur son kena blk kl sory..and hope u like ur present!! heheheee...

Not to forget my fren yg ajak i celebr8 new year ari tuh..thx ye..hee..korg ni pandai je nk tarik aku kan..ahahaah...(they know who they are)..btw kita ade satu misi lagi ye yg tak accomplished mlm tuh..hahaha..akan ku tuntut!!hehehee...

well as my life skrg ni nmpk mcm more okay then last year..happy with what i'm doing rite now and can't wait to proceed what i have plan this year!! yeah! hope it going to be better than what i expected..hehehee...

1 more thing..i'm going to fininsh my dip this year..and for sure i'm going to cont my study..and still thinking where and when..??!! ahahah..its hard guy! klu ade rezeki ade la..and to all my fren nnt kan kemunculan aku di klas ye..hehee..miss u guys!!!

xo xo gossip boy

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The Weirdo said...


akn tunaikan tuntutan mu itu.


xoxo RufF. (bahahaha. (; )